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We provide you with an experienced team of marketing professionals to develop and implement your digital strategy.

I started FUNNEL24 to help the 50% of businesses who are leaving money on the table because they don’t have a developed digital strategy. By creating plans to direct their marketing efforts, we’ll have a real impact on their future success.

Hi, I’m Erik,

I’ll Be Managing Your Project

I’m a reformed marketing agency executive, digital product creator, and avid technologist. And now I’m ready to act as your on-demand marketing director, providing all the digital marketing strategy and execution you need – without the director level salary.

And Now Introducing

Your Digital Marketing Department

Executing a digital marketing strategy takes a lot more than a single discipline, it requires the combination of many creative and technical talents.

And since these skills are almost never found in a single person, you’ll need a team. On an ongoing basis, I advertise for, screen, interview, and test top candidates.┬áI’ll hand pick the right team for your project, coordinate them, and ensure things are done to my high standards.

The goal is to give you the advantage of having an entire digital marketing team in your corner, but without the headaches and cost of building one internally.

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