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Unsure where your marketing efforts should go? Let's develop your digital strategy so you can work towards your goals with confidence. See How It Works

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Strategy Before Tactics
Spammers and cold callers bombard you daily with offers to implement marketing tactics. But before thinking about ground-level stuff, you need the high-level strategy in place. So that’s where we start. Learn more.
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Strategy in-hand, you decide where we go next. Maybe we train your staff and guide them through carrying out the plan. Or, maybe you just want us to do it for you. Either way, we’re here to ensure your digital strategy turns into one of your business’s greatest assets.
Personal Service
FUNNEL24 was founded by Erik, an ex-marketing agency executive, successful digital product creator, and avid technologist. He will be your point of contact throughout the lifecycle of your strategy development and implementation. Learn more.

A Message From The FUNNEL24 Founder

I get it. Agencies emphasize their own sales goals over your results… and building an internal team is too expensive and risky. But if you’re doing between $500K and $5M in revenue, I have a better option for you.

Why don’t you and I develop a detailed digital strategy to figure out exactly what needs to be done to move you towards your goals? Once we know where we’re going, we’ll figure out the best way to get there.

– Erik, FUNNEL24

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Let’s discuss what you have going on with your website and digital marketing. Even if we’re not a good fit at this time, I’m always happy to give my recommendations or point you in the right direction.

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"...not just always provides solution for our problems but offers awesome creative ideas..."

Rena & Julia

"Erik is in the business to see his clients succeed."

Kyle Wrightenberry, CEO
Health Fair Connections, Inc.

"...creative, professional and a pleasure to work with..."

Dan Vishny, CEO
Red Ape Cinnamon, LLC

"...a great guy to work with and has an excellent eye for design..."

Bill Kolbenschlag, Founder
ProBiz Communications

"I couldn't be happier with the product..."

Dan Vishny, CEO
Red Ape Cinnamon, LLC

"With these results I'll be using Erik for all our future marketing... "

Tim Oke, CTO
Extraordinary Web Host

"...attention to detail and his ability to quickly solve problems made this process go smoothly."

Dan Vishny
CEO Red Ape Cinnamon

"...a business-minded approach to web design."

Kyle Wrightenberry, CEO
Health Fair Connections, Inc.

"I highly recommend Erik. He has gone above what I have expected..."

Kyle Wrightenberry, CEO
Health Fair Connections, Inc.

" I even refer my own clients to them."

Bill Kolbenschlag, Owner
ProBiz Communications

"...WONDERFUL! ...very prompt, and a real pleasure to work with."

Michelle Ellis, Partner
Austin Plans for Permits

"They actually bothered to think and really think about the target audience..."

Deveron Hilgers
Internet Marketer

"Erik is producing cutting edge work using the latest tools..."

Rena & Julia